About Us

      Our adventure started with the 5 acre olive grove we bought in 2015.

      After our first harvest, we observed  serious problems in the disposal of olive mill waste water in the olive oil factory, where we went to process our products into oil. And that pushed us to seek a solution. Thus, the first seeds of AnadOlive were sprinkled on the ground.

      Our initiative, which is one of the few projects that received the techno-enterprise support of TÜBİTAK, Turkey’s most prestigious R&D support organization, attained the identity of AnadOlive in 2018.

      Olive, the apple of the Aegean’s eye comes to our homes in the forms of table-olive, oil, and paste. We produce Concentrated Olive Powder  by recycling olive and olive oil process by-products with a zero waste philosophy.

      Thus, we took our place in this sector with “Olive Powder”.

      As an environmentally conscious enterprise, we carry out our production entirely with green technology. We aim responsible production and consumption in line with sustainable development goals, and protect the soil and water.

      AnadOlive, without using any additives or preservatives in its production, offers the miracle that the olive hides in its nature!


      Sustainable production

      In line with sustainable development goals, we care and protect our future with our production system keeping resource use at minimum level that protects soil and water.

      Minimal Transactions

      We do not use any chemicals and preservatives, and we process our products with intense care in order to present them as closest to its nature.

      Our Team

      We are quite good in the kitchen of the business with our food engineer-based team. We carry out our R&D studies with our expertise in drying, extraction, fruit and vegetable technologies. We process high quality products without harming their naturalness. With our team that adopts sustainable production as a principle, we work with environmentally friendly solutions by blending traditional habits with modern technology.